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Client list

As the founder of  Pictures, Prose, & Prints, Jackie Devine has  had the privilege of working with a wide range of successful clients. Below is just a sampling of industries, communities, non-profits, and private individuals that have been served by me:


  • Private Individuals with personal history-related needs
  • CyRidge High School Cosmetology Department (teaching video, recruitment brochure, individual and group photos)
  • Jersey Village High School Cosmetology Department
  • 2016 Houston Livestok Show & Rodeo 10th Annual Agricultural Mechanics Job Fair (recruitment brochure)
  • Houston Independent School District (curriculum development)
  • AAA Magazine, Texas and New Mexico (interium editor)
  • Professional Services Group (marketing for the nation's leader in  privately operated water/waste water service company)
  • Houston's Greater Houston Partnership's Economic Development Division (corporate recruitment: relocating and expanding into the Houston region)
  • Jet Services (on-demand air cargo marketing and public relations)
  • Herbert McLain, Missouri Covenor of the MacLean Clan (Public Relations)
  • Tranquility on the Frio (sales and marketing)
  • Soaps of the Midwest (website development)
  • Sinclair Elementary (awareness campaign)
  • JHD Construction

Pictures, Prose, & Print, a multi-media company, helps you connect wth future generations...

We will tell your story in your own words: The way you want it told!

Would you like to record your life stories in video, audio or print before they are lost forever? We can help you do this by providing legacy building and preservation tools, training and a secure repository where your valuable personal and family history can be stored and discriminately shared.


Contact us today. Our team is ready to go to work for you.


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See for yourself  how information presented tastefully and acurately  fosters relationships, strengthens  family ties and builds pride.


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Historically, Pictures, Prose & Print  has been called upon by current and past clients when they have something to say and they want it communicated succinctly,  accuractly and with heart.


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