Fairfield Seniors of Cypress,Texas

For people over 50, there’s no time like the present to get out, have some fun, meet awesome friends, learn new things, and travel with the Fairfield  Seniors of Cypress (FSC).


Now is the time to explore! Our Day Trips offer you a chance to learn about the history of Houston and the surrounding area, take in a play, share a meal, or watch a ballgame. They are reasonably priced and can accommodate people with special needs.


If a mini vacation is what you are seeking, we will enjoy two extended excursions in 2019. Globe-trotting with the  FSC is your perfect opportunity to explore new places without the worry and hassle of getting there. Just hop on the bus and go! 

Whether you want to travel with your spouse, a group of friends, or by yourself, FSC just might be your answer. 


Our trips are lead by expert Jo Ann Lambert and Jackie Devine who are always on the lookout to steer you towards the best things to do when at specific locales.

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