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Project Estimates

Our pricing is based upon time, material, the number of locations visited and people interviewed. Each professionally crafted project is exclusively tailored to capture the elements of your personal story in a compelling and entertaining way—while respecting personal sensitivity and historical accuracy.

Your package includes:

  • Pre-production: Includes an in-depth interview to determine theme, storyline, your unique personality and personal history; followed by meetings to organize your materials (photos, slides, old movies, memorabilia) establish time-lines and determine budget. 

  • Production: Video and/or voice-over narration, customized scanning of photos and memorabilia. Start shooting.

  • Post-production: This is where the magic begins. Digital video and photo editing and enhancement. 

  • Approval process: A draft physically delivered or provided to you on a link so you can view, send to family members for comment and approve.and 

  • Delivery: Your masterpiece is finished and ready to be delivered to you in a variety of popular formats (MP4, QuickTimeYouTube, Vimeo, Embedded Link, DVD, etc.)

Memoir/Tribute/Short Story Videos   Shorter than a full biography, these videos encompass an interesting story, event, special milestone or a life-changing epiphany that you want to share with your loved ones.  Tasteful, yet simple, these videos capture your persona, voice, smile, and gestures—personality traits that can’t be captured in a picture or with the written word.

Remembering Our Grandparents from Jackie Devine on Vimeo.

Sample prices range from $270.00-$500.00


Photo Montage Videos   Perfect for personal histories, reunions, retirements, birthdays,  anniversaries, funeral tributes, etc.  Sharing photos and memories with your loved ones, friends and colleagues is one of the most thoughtful ways to show your appreciation for the impact  they made on your life.


The sample price below includes preparation, interview sessions (three 90-minute sessions if necessary), transcription, editing/scanning (digital optimization, placement and caption). The final product will be produced on a DVD that can be professionally displayed on the equipment of your choice.

Average pricing, depending upon complexity, ranges from $250.00-$500.00


Life Story: Family Histories and Pictorial Biographies  Your initial consultation is free. During the first session we learn about your goals, the importance of preserving your memories, and give you instructions for selecting and organizing photos to be scanned and included in your final product. After that, typically, start to finish—histories take about eight 60-minute interviews—which can be combined, accomplished over the phone or through e-mail if our client is more comfortable with that. After the interview, recordings are transcribed, photos scanned, organized and edited. If videos are utilized, the same procedures ensue.

Pricing starts at $1,500.00


Life Stories (in book form)  Coffee table photo book (10” x 10”) printed in hard-cover, book-bound binding. Pages are protected by laminate over glossy or matte finishes, giving your photos outstanding visual appeal along with extra durability and protection from everyday handling.


This estimate is based on eight 60-minute interviews. Following the interviews, recordings are transcribed, photos (approximately 40 of which will require scanning, digital optimization, cleanup for dust and scratches, color/contrast corrections) are organized, edited and positioned tastefully to compliment the book layout and design. The final step is the printing, cutting and binding of one book in hard cover.

Sample prices
We print: $500- $2,500.00 (depending upon difficulty, book is finished)
We design and finalize, client prints: $250.00-$1,500.00



Extra Upgrades

  • Additional scans (photographs, memorabilia)
  • Quantity 1-100:  $1.75 each/Additional photos:  $1.50 each (Photoshop enhancement add 25%)
  • Additional interview per hour (includes related services): $90.00
  • Editing of personally written contributions: $90.00
  • Leather Cover: $200.00


Ancillary service prices
Consulting, group training, coaching,

Writing and editing:

  • Resumes
  • Speeches
  • Student Scholarship Applications

$50.00 per hour.



Pictures, Prose, & Print, a multi-media company, helps you connect wth future generations...

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Would you like to record your life stories in video, audio or print before they are lost forever? We can help you do this by providing legacy building and preservation tools, training and a secure repository where your valuable personal and family history can be stored and discriminately shared.


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