Channels of Communication

What is a personal historian & how can one help me with my family history from Jackie Devine on Vimeo.

Creative services...

Freelance Copywriting

  • Editing
  • Proofing
  • Resume writing (modern and hightech)
  • Speech writing
  • Press releases, advertising
  • Articles for publication
  • Business letters
  • Policy manuals
  • Teaching tools


Personal Memoirs, Family Histories,  Documentaries:

  • Memoirs/Short story videos
  • Personal documentaries (including a day in the life)
  • Photo montage videos (personal histories, reunions, retirements, birthdays, anniversaries, funeral tributes)
  • Life Story: Family histories and pictorial biographies (video, book or e-book)
  • Baby and child profiles (living or deceased)
  • Memorial and funeral tributes
  • Websites for family, reunion, special events


Senior Citizen Focus:

  • Day Bus Trips within 200 miles of Houston
  • Extended 2-Day to 7-Day Bus Trips 
  • Creative and Memoir Writing Support and Assistance for Senior Citizens





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