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Video Biographies

Your story matters! It's powerful and it's worth saving, even if you begin with just a moment in time or a single chapter. Capture your family memories, milestones, failures, and successes. Future generations are going to want to know about you. Photos, historical events, archival data, audio, video, memorabilia and music can be woven into your presentation.

Books and        e-books

We can create,  publish, and help you sell your personal story in a book-store quality format. Available in print form and electronic editions our services include publishing, printing, selling and distributing. 

Memorial Tributes

Simple or more complex, we support your needs: obituaries, eulogies, slideshows, testimonial brochures or online memorial tributes, there are many ways to honor a loved one who has passed away.

If you desire, we will work directly with families and funeral service providers to keep the focus on the deceased and to find the perfect method or statement that shows respect and admiration, honors their memory and comforts those friends and family left behind. 

We are proud to provide free access to the award-winning Legacy Stories Program to all of our clients, friends and their families.

Please click below to learn how you can easily record a collection of legacy stories and build a legacy portfolio that will last for generations. 

Clan Websites and Newsletters

Reunion websites give members, spread across the globe, an excellent way to share the past, communicate about an upcoming events and keep in touch in the future. Don't miss out on nurturing the relationships you have made throughout your life...

Weekly sessions allow seniors to meet and share events that have impacted their lives. Stories are captured and uploaded onto the LegacyStories website which allows members to connect with their friends and families around the world, or through TimeSlips, where they participate in creative, elegantly simple storytelling activities  proven to be  beneficial to older adults with dementia and other types of memory loss.

Your Story Matters

Pictures, Prose, & Print is a communications, copywriting, and video production firm that focuses upon collecting, recording and preserving the defining moments in the lives of the individuals that have shaped the 20th and 21st Century. 
We believe that every single life is significant, and each has an invaluable story to share. We are committed to helping individuals and families discover, preserve and pass on their unique histories so that future generations can understand and embrace and share their remarkable heritage.
With years of experience in the public and private sector, Pictures, Prose, & Print offers you the creative talent needed to help you transform everyday thoughts and ideas into relevant messages (in print, through audio, pictorially, or in video) that will remain part of your personal legacy for generations to come.
 Call us today, we guarantee unsurpassed results at a fair price.

Your personal stories are your family legacy...

Narrative of an old hippie...

Everyone has something to say. Whether you are a family patriarch, returning veteran, hospice resident, a terminally ill child, grieving family member, or part of your upcoming reunion planning committee, you have a specific need: to tell your story the way you want it told.


No matter the type, extent or duration of the support and service you desire

  • Memoir/short story videos
  • Oral history slideshows
  • Memorial videos
  • Autobiographies/family histories
  • Coffee table photo books
  • Pict-Oral memories support
  • Advice and support in preserving the past and the present for the future
  • Photo scanning and digital conversion support

you can count on us!


What we do...

Full-service, comprehensive communication talent at your fingertips: consider us part of your family!


Pictures, Prose, & Print, a multi-media company, helps you connect wth future generations...

We will tell your story in your own words: The way you want it told!

Would you like to record your life stories in video, audio or print before they are lost forever? We can help you do this by providing legacy building and preservation tools, training and a secure repository where your valuable personal and family history can be stored and discriminately shared.


Contact us today. Our team is ready to go to work for you.


Pictures, Prose, & Print project samples...

See for yourself  how information presented tastefully and acurately  fosters relationships, strengthens  family ties and builds pride.


Explore our portfolio and complete list of clients.

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Pictures, Prose, & Print stands out among the rest

Historically, Pictures, Prose & Print  has been called upon by current and past clients when they have something to say and they want it communicated succinctly,  accuractly and with heart.


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