jackiedevine.com helps you say what you want to say and enjoy life your way! Tell your story by dipping into your memory or first-hand through your explorations and travel (see Day Trips and Extended Excursions for Senior Citizens at the bottom of this page for more information).

Ideas across the board

We believe that every message is unique and every story is significant. All have made a noteworthy journey and each has played an indispensable part in shaping the course of American history. We are committed to telling your remarkable story (historical or present day) the way you want it to be told and preserving it so that future generations can understand, embrace and share your lessons and remarkable insights.

The right attitude

We are wordsmiths and picture people. With years of experience in the public and private sector, Pictures, Prose, & Print offers you the creative talent needed to help you transform everyday thoughts into relevant messages (in print, graphically, through audio, pictorially, or in video) that will help crystalize your idea and move your project toward a successful outcome.

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Editorial support

Copywriting support for resumes, speeches, business letters, content marketing, corporate identity, ghostwriting, editing and proofing.

Graphic design

Simple ads or complex needs,   we can help you develop, manage, and implement a compelling message to succeed in the marketplace. 

Photography & print services

High-quality prints, including mounting and custom framing options,  for corporate, web, editorial, brochures, reports. powerpoints, and ads.


Your story matters! It's powerful and it's worth saving, even if you begin with just a moment in time or a single chapter. Capture your family memories, milestones, failures, and successes. Future generations are going to want to know about you. Photos, historical events, archival data, audio, video, memorabilia and music can be woven into your presentation.


We can create,  publish, and help you sell your personal story in a book-store quality format. Available in print form and electronic editions our services include publishing, printing, selling and distributing. 

Memorial Tributes

Simple or more complex, we support your needs: obituaries, eulogies, slideshows, testimonial brochures or online memorial tributes, there are many ways to honor a loved one who has passed away.

If you desire, we will work directly with families and funeral service providers to keep the focus on the deceased and to find the perfect method or statement that shows respect and admiration, honors their memory and comforts those friends and family left behind. 

Day Trips and Extended Excursions

for Senior Citizens


For people over 50, there’s no time like the present to get out, have some fun, meet awesome friends, learn new things, and travel with the Fairfield  Seniors of Cypress (FSC). In most cases, we document your trips through photography and video. Your fun and friendship is is recorded giving you a keepsake of your experiences to last a lifetime. 


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